If you are going on a short road trip or on an international visit, your Smartphone can be your personal assistant at will, by providing information such as navigation guides, weather information and other important acknowledgements you may need of the place you are about to visit.

Travel Apps for Android

If you are a frequent traveller, then you may need to check out our list of the top 5 travel apps that are available for Android that may help you on your trips to an unknown place.


If you are indeed a frequent traveller then you must already be using the TripIt application for Android, else you should download and start using it straight away.

One of the most convenient features of the TripIt application for Android is that it monitors your email inbox, only if you permit it to, and then fetch all your travel bookings such as flight tickets, hotel bookings and so on, reminds you when its time to leave for your flight and moreover, will automatically organize all your schedules throughout your journey, so that you do not miss any of the preset meetings or trips.

TripIt is available as an ad-supported free download from the Google Play Store, and once you decide to get the ad-free version, you can purchase the app for $0.99 as well.


If you are in a new place searching for the best restaurants, hotels etc., then you should not look anywhere past the TripAdvisor application for Android. TripAdvisor is a site that collects reviews about hotels, restaurants and other services from users. TripAdvisor is a quite popular service, and hence you will be able to find quite a lot of reviews on the service you are planning to use.


Airports are one of the busiest places you can be. They are crowded, noisy and not at all peaceful. Well, not everyone will like it. If you are one among those who does not enjoy being at a airport and still cannot afford to pay for first class or business class services from airlines, then you should try the LoungeBuddy application.

LoungeBuddy is a free application that lets you get an overview of the lounges available at the airport you are going to visit. Just select the airport which you will be visiting, then let the LoungeBuddy application to show you a list of available lounges along with their user clicked pictures and reviews.

XE Currency:

For people who travel frequently around the globe, keeping track of the latest exchange rates may be a boring task. Well, if it’s boring enough for you, then let your Smartphone do it for.

XE Currency is a very simple application that lets you compare the exchange rates of the currency of the place you are visiting when compared to your homeland.


The next most important service you will need while visiting a new place, is of course the easiest, safest and the most convenient means to hire a cab. And no other service can come closer to that of Uber.

Uber is a cheap, safe and global cab service provider. And to use their service, you can download the Uber app from the Google Play Store for free.