Samsung Galaxy Note 5

Recently when Samsung launched its much anticipated Galaxy Note 5 phablet alongside Galaxy S6 Edge+, the world was stunned by the build quality of both these devices. Suffering from the woes of declining sales, this Japanese giant is removing virtually all pain points associated with its devices from quite sometime, including the pain point of mediocre build quality. It started with Galaxy Alpha, and now with Note 5 Samsung is taking it to a new level.

Samsung Galaxy Note 5

While both Galaxy note 5 and Galaxy S6 Edge+ are wonderful devices with best-in class features and premium build quality, it’s Galaxy Note 5 that turns out to be the best option among the two. S6 Edge+ is basically nothing but a bigger version of S6 Edge. Note 5, on the other hand, provides all the killer features of Galaxy Note lineup – in a way that’s better than ever before.

iPhone 6 Plus may be the best selling phablet device in the world as of now, but Note 5 has the potential to unseat it from that top spot. We provide you a quick look on top 4 features of Galaxy Note 5 that you won’t find in iPhone 6 Plus even:

  1. S Pen:

    The first and most obvious feature is the S Pen, which has only got better with time. The S Pen of Note 5 is clearly a marvel in itself as Samsung has made it from premium quality hardware this time. Plus, it has also been loaded with a handy “eject function” that you can use when you remove it from the phone. Writing with this new S Pen is, of course, much more accurate than it has ever been. And in case you want to note down something quickly while your Note 5 is in sleep mode, you can just pull out the S Pen and start writing down your note on the screen without even waking up the device.

  2. QHD Super AMOLED display:

    Hey iPhone 6 Plus, here’s the breaking news that may break your neck: your Full-HD display is no more the best in the industry. Samsung’s Galaxy Note 5 has got Quad-HD Super AMOLED display that’ll throw a bucket of cold water on your Full-HD resolution with its pixel density of 518ppi.

  3. Octa-Core CPU with 4GB of RAM:

    According to benchmark results, iPhone’s A8 chip is a 1.38GHz dual-core processor combined with M8 motion co-processor for minor tasks. Samsung, on the other hand, has installed a single mammoth CPU in Galaxy Note 5: an Octa-Core chipset that combines one quad-core 2.1GHz processor and another quad-core 1.5GHz processor. But wait, there’s more power to Galaxy Note: the 4GB of RAM that’ll be more than enough to support the super-fast processing for this powerful chipset. I don’t think that any iPhone can come close to this.

  4. Wireless charging and Fast charging:

    Galaxy Note 5 has got two types of techniques that help it charge faster than any other phablet out in the market. And for added convenience, it has also got wireless charging. iPhone 6 Plus has none of them. Period.

Do you need anything more to convince? These 4 specs are enough in themselves to prove that iPhone 6 Plus is not the best phablet option anymore. So if you were thinking of purchasing an Android phablet, now is perhaps the best time to do so.