Root Kindle Fire HD 8.9

Few months back, Kindle Fire HD 8.9 has been released featuring 8.9 inches IPS display with pixel density of 254ppi. This tablet weighs just about 567 grams and is equipped with RAM of 1GB. It is the 2nd gen superstar tablet lined in the Amazon Kindle series and is regarded as one of the best and finest offerings available in the market. With this tablet, people do not have an access to all the functions and in order to have an access they need to Root Kindle Fire HD 8.9. The process of rooting this tablet is bundled by mdblaze provided by XDA along with a Bin4ry Tool for applying the changes. It seems to be a similar method of rooting Sony tablets and it will also work to Root Kindle Fire HD 8.9 too.

Root Kindle Fire HD 8.9


  • Kindle Fire HD 8.9 variant
  • All drivers installed on PC or laptop
  • Charge the device up to 70-75% so it does not sleep in between the rooting process
  • Create backups and do not flash the rooted files
  • Disable all the antivirus applications installed on Kindle Fire HD 8.9


Follow every step in order to avoid any issues. This method will only work to Root Kindle Fire HD 8.9. Make ensure to apply all the changes done above before starting with the process of rooting. We(Team DroidCular) are not to be held responsible if you damage or brick your kindle device.

Tutorial to Root Kindle Fire HD 8.9:

  • Download and install Bin4ry Root Tool.
  • Extract all the fiels from the downloaded tool and save them in a folder on your desktop.
  • Users need to ensure to enable ADB on Kindle Fire HD 8.9, so click on Settings>>Security>>ADB.
  • Connect Kindle Fire HD 8.9 using USB to your laptop or PC. Remaining drivers will be installed and a window will pop up to continue with the process.
  • You need to open the folder which was created in the step 2 above containing the root files. You will get to see a “RunMe” file which is basically a root utility. Launch the same.
  • A new window will open and you need to click on “2” button followed by Enter and select “Special”.
  • Following the above steps, press “1” followed by Enter and ROOT. Onscreen instructions will be displayed, follow them in order to finish the rooting process.

ALL DONE! Your Kindle Fire HD 8.9 is successfully rooted.

If anytime you need to unroot Kindle Fire HD 8.9, simply click on Bin4ry Tool followed by click on “x” button and Enter. Click on “unroot” followed by onscreen instructions for the unrooting process.

If you find any issues during the process to Root Kindle Fire HD 8.9, kindly leave your comments below we will soon come up with the solutions.


  1. Hi Kuldeep,
    Superb post indeed.
    Android is a splendid platform which offers many significant specialities.
    Rooting is a dreadful task to perform for every new Android users. So it is very useful guide to root kindle fire hd 8.9.

  2. Hi Kuldeep,
    I believe that Andriod is the great platform today for any kind of device including the one you have mentioned here “Root Kindle Fire “. Its is really great and have innovative features. Thanks for sharing with us such useful information.

    Ovais Mirza

  3. Hey Kuldeep,
    You really mentioned the complete guide on how to root Kindle Fire HD 8.9!
    However I have a question, does this method work on Kindle Fire HDX as well or not?