LG G4 Design

When it comes to building hype ahead of a major product launch, there’s a usual trend in the smartphone industry – rumors are spread, some features slip into the hands of press (often published as leaks) and finally when launch is just around the corner companies start teasing the upcoming device with a teaser campaign, which often includes releasing short video teasers or images on social media. Press invites are sent out, and this sets the stage for a launch event. The only exception to this trend is Apple, which is world famous for its secrecy.

However, LG decided to break many of these rules to launch its latest flagship smartphone G4. Contrary to the trend, company neither rolled out a teaser campaign nor maintained secrecy like Apple. Instead, it decided to be open about many features of this awesome device. But it doesn’t mean that company didn’t keep any surprises left for the event. We’re gonna take you through all the details that were revealed about this impressive device today at launch events in New York and London.


LG G4 Design

First of all let’s talk about the design. LG has tried to give G4 a distinct look that’s first of its kind in the industry. G4 will come with some great looking leather back covers that can give your phone a unique look and feel. And unlike plastic or metal, leather provides a great amount of grip on the device when held in hand. Plastic covers will also be available for those who don’t want a leather back, but in my opinion it looks different and gives a unique “cool” factor that’s so far unavailable in all other devices (although I don’t like the vertical seam in the middle). The device will come with 3 rear finish choices: a caramel  colored “vegetable tanned” leather cover, a white “ceramic coated” cover and a black “textured plastic” cover.


LG G4 Display

The display of LG G4 is also first of its kind in smartphone industry. It’s a Quantum Dot LCD display that shows much more vivid and beautiful colors in comparison to any other display type out there. Plus, it’s Quad-HD with a resolution of 2k pixels and screen size of 5.5-inches.


A 16MP primary shooter with impressive camera runs the show in LG G4. It has got an awesome f/1.8 aperture and is capable of recording 4K HD videos. It has also got a RAW shooting mode and a color spectrum sensor, all of which help in capturing photos that’re brighter and crispier than the ones captured by other similar cameras.

LG G4 is also armed with an 8MP secondary camera. And when there’s such a great front-facing shooter, how can someone resist selfies? LG knew that very well, so it has also installed a great camera app packed with lot of features in this phone that’ll help you in taking several great selfies with varying gestures.

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Processor and Storage:

A first of its kind in this department as well. LG G4 is the first smartphone to come with a six-core Snapdragon 808 processor. Two out of these six cores are clocked at 1.8 GHz and remaining four are clocked at 1.44 GHz. Alongside is 3GB of LPDDR3 RAM, so one can definitely expect great performance from this beast. There’s 32GB of internal storage as well, which can also be expanded by microSD card slots.

OS and Battery:

To power all of this impressive hardware is an equally impressive software – G4 is running Android Lollipop 5.0 out of the box. And there’s a 3,000 mAh removable battery under the hood that gives enough juice to all this stuff.

So far G4 is looking a great device from all angles. It has got a superb set of features, but its success will ultimately depend on the price, which is expected to be higher than Rs. 30,000 as its pre-orders in UK have started from £500. So far there’s no word about Indian launch, but we expect it to arrive soon as India has become the second biggest opportunity for all smartphone vendors out there.