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Easily Install Developer Version of MIUI ROM on Xiaomi Mi Pad

Xiaomi as a consumer electronics start-up from China is touching new heights every day by releasing amazing consumer electronics products at such low and nominal costs. The Xiaomi Mi Pad is one such products. It carries some great specifications, a great screen and everything you would want from a mid range tablet.

Install Developer Version of MIUI ROM on Xiaomi Mi Pad

The Xiaomi Mi Pad is one of the best tablets you can buy at the price tag of Rs, 12,999. Xiaomi phones and tablets run a version of Android that is skinned heavily and it’s known as MIUI. Many people love the way MIUI works and how it is customizable and everything.

Now MIUI for the Mi Pad is available in two variants. You can take a look at them below.

1. Stable ROM: It is a ROM that is preloaded on the device and usable right out of the box with normal options and everything that normal consumer might use.

2. Developer ROM: Developer ROM gets updates faster and people running the developer ROM test the features or next updates and they help Xiaomi in collecting bugs data and all.

Requirements & Downloads

Procedure to Install Developer Version of MIUI ROM on Xiaomi Mi Pad:

Now that you have downloaded the developer ROM, you can follow the steps in order to flash the Developer ROM on your Mi Pad. Make sure you do not skip any step and follow everything as it is written here.

Part 1:

  • Rename the downloaded ROM ZIP file to update.zip. Keep in mind that it should not be Update.zip and only update.zip. It is case sensitive.
  • Now move the downloaded update.zip to your Mi Pad’s root of the internal storage.
  • Now reboot into stock Mi Recovery.
  • To reboot into stock recovery, just turn off the Mi Pad.
  • Now again turn the tab on and as soon as you see the white turning circle press the volume up button and keep it pressed.
  • Your Mi Pad will boot again and you will see a Mi logo and do all this while volume up key is still pressed.
  • You can now see the Mi Stock Recovery.
  • Use volume key to navigate through the options and power buttons to choose.

Part 2:

  • Now in Mi recovery, just choose English and move on to the next step.
  • Now just choose ‘Install update.zip to System One‘ and confirm with Yes.
  • This might take sometime and don’t worry if it gets stuck. It will take its time. Wait for it.
  • Now after this method is complete you will see a message that reads Update Complete!

Now you have successfully installed Developer ROM for Mi Pad. You can go to Settings > About Tablet to check the software details of the current running firmware.

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