This seems like a match made in heaven. A telecom company like Idea Cellular would certainly like to earn as much as possible from its subscribers, and Google is also looking for ways to increase revenue from its largest Android userbase in the world. So these companies decided to join hands, and the result is career billing for apps that you buy from Play Store.

Yep, starting from today Idea subscribers can buy apps in Play Store in a highly convenient manner. The prices of those apps will be deducted from their prepaid account balances, or in case of postpaid subscribers will be added to their monthly bills. Same will apply to in-app purchases as well.


This can significantly boost the purchase of paid apps in Play Store, adding more revenue to Google’s balance sheets. On the other hand, this will mean additional revenue for Idea as well, which makes it a sweet deal for both companies.

In case you don’t know already, Google has been trying to increase the purchase of paid apps from quite sometime. Last year it had launched prepaid Google Play vouchers that users could buy from their local Vijay Sales or Spice Hotspot stores. However, it seems like that channel didn’t work out well because we didn’t hear anything about those vouchers again. Perhaps a big reason behind their limited success might’ve been their bigger denominations of Rs. 500 or more.

That problem does not exist with career billing – a user can buy apps that cost as little as Rs. 60 without having to pay the price of 10 apps, which was the problem with prepaid vouchers.

In India, the penetration of credit cards is lower than the penetration of internet even. Less than 3% people in the country own credit cards, which becomes a major barrier to buy paid content online. This initiative from these biggies of mobile industry may change that scenario by completely bypassing the need of credit cards to purchase content online. If it remains successful, other carriers are also very likely to follow the suit. This can create a new and unique method of purchasing apps and other content from Play Store, a method not seen anywhere before.

Now it’ll be interesting to see how well this partnership goes. If it goes well, we’ll certainly hear about more such partnerships in coming months. And if that happens, we’ll certainly bring you the news. So keep checking DroidCular.