It’s kind of a no-brainer that despite being competitors in same industry, Google and Apple seem cut out of completely different clothes. One believes in choice, another believes in standardization. One is the leader in global smartphone market, another is a leader in a few country markets (like USA, China and Japan). One has left hardware over manufacturers, another has complete control over hardware. One thrives primarily on the sales of budget smartphone market, another dominates the market of premium devices. It’s competition in one industry, but from entirely different strategies and market segments.

nexus5x-fbHowever, it seems like Google doesn’t want things to remain that way anymore. Some recently emerged reports are claiming that Mountain View based giant is looking to partner with smartphone chip manufacturers to start manufacturing its own chips for Android devices. This means that in future we may see more consistency in performance and user experience of Android smartphones. But that’s not the only thing – company’s focus on chips may also translate into much more ambitious plans for Android. Let’s have a look at what things may look like in both scenarios:

A high-end Android to take on Apple:

One possible outcome may be better performing and more consistent high-end Android devices, great enough to take on Apple’s iPhones in top tier segment of smartphone market. While Android competes to some extent with iOS in that market segment with devices made by Samsungs and HTCs of the world, it has never been able to break Apple’s  monopoly in that segment. This may change if Google starts standardization of critical smartphone hardware like processors. And it seems like Google is on its way to do so: rumors suggest that company has sent a list of requests to all major chipmakers  for future chip designs, and it’s also on the lookout for a partnership with any chipmaker to start manufacturing its own processors for Android.

More powerful VR and AR devices running Android

Google’s focus on high-end smartphone market is a great step, but it seems like that’s not the only reason behind company’s sudden focus on chip manufacturing. The plans seem much bigger and  much more ambitious, especially when we hear about the details mentioned in “list of requests” that Big G has sent to chipmakers: The list specifically calls out for development of VR (virtual reality) and AR (augmented reality) processors that can support some new features company is interested in rolling out over the course of next few years. That’s not all – another report from Wall Street Journal is stating that company’s working on a VR based version of Android. It’s quite possible that Google may power that operating system with its own chips and hardware, which can result in super-amazing virtual reality devices running Android. If all goes well, it can take Google and Android to the skies of another roaring success!

Whatever the reason, future of Android looks only brighter as of now. It’s great to see the platform in hands of a company that’s innovating everyday to make it better and more useful for users.