Custom ROMs for Lenovo a850

At ₹8,000 you don’t get a lot of phones, Lenovo A850 is an exception – even if it’s only one at that. But it can get better, if you pray for it really hard – or – install a custom ROM made by some of the brilliant minds on the internet. Here are some of the options you have to make your phone a bit more useful.

Custom ROMs for Lenovo a850

Keep in mind though; When you flash a ROM you wipe clean your phone, so make sure to backup your data before doing anything crazy.

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MIUI sounds familiar right? If you have heard of Xiaomi then you have heard of the Mi line of phones – they all run MIUI, and they let you have some of the fun too. The MIUI launcher is quite different from stock Android though; It has no app drawer, has support for themes in built, and can be tweaked extensively. If that’s the sort of thing you are looking for then this is for you. It’s probably closer to iOS than anything else. You can download MIUI at the links below.

MIUI Download


Don’t want customization, unconventional launchers, and fancy features? No bloatware? No Google apps? Android Open Source Project is your friend. It’s not Lollipop though – but its the next best thing. The delicious chocolate covered wafers melt with your A850 and produce a bloatware free system that gives you stable pure Android with no fuss. It’s the way the creators envisioned it, and you get to use it by following the download links below.

AOSP Download

Xperia X1 ROM

Wait what? What does Sony has anything to do with Lenovo? That would be nothing. But the people of this world just wouldn’t give up being creative. Thus you get this Frankenstein. This ROM brings almost all of the features from the Xperia series to A850 – while keeping it fast and stable. You can download the ROM from the link below.

To install the ROM you need to place the file on an SD Card, put the card in the phone and boot into the recovery mode. Once there you need to factory reset the phone which will wipe the data and then flash the ROM and clear the cache. At the end of that storm all you have to restart the brick and voila. Enjoy your Sonovo hybrid.

Xperia Download

S121 ROM

This one is for the geeks, it’s made mostly by the XDA community and doesn’t really have a shiney website backing it up but it comes with some nifty tweaks and tricks. Though installing it is a bit more complicated than normal. You would need the files which you can find at the link below to begin with. Once you have the files you need to turn off the phone and do exactly as told.

Open Run and paste “mmc devmgmt.msc” without the quotation marks. Once Device Manager has opened, plug your phone in to the USB. Once you do that a mysterious popup should appear by the name of “MTKxxxxx/Mediatekxxxx” – right click that and click “Update driver”.

Now open the flashtool from the files you downloaded earlier, and then in the scatter loader option, click on the “MTKxxx file”. You should see “DA LL” above that – check it. Now click on the firmware and give the spell 5-7 seconds then connect the device. Flashing should start and it will turn green when its complete.

Then disconnect it and put the battery back in, switch the thing on – it might take a bit longer than usual – do not switch off the device at this point. After a while it should boot up and from there all you need to do is follow the instructions on screen.

If you want you can refer to the original guide at XDA here.

S121 Download


Another one from the Chinese, and once again it tries to mimic iOS. They seem to love doing that. It has the usual customization options, and being a stable ROM it runs fast and doesn’t make you cry – except when you try to install it. Of course you would first need to download the files from the links below.

To install VIBE UI you would first need to install the S123 ROM, and install the USB drivers on your computer from the files. Once you are done flashing the S123 ROM you need to boot into the recovery mode and flash VIBE UI from there. Once done wipe the cache and reboot your phone and have fun with your new ROM. You could also use this guide here if that helps you better.

Flashtool + Lenovo USB drivers
Lenovo Offical English S123 ROM (v.2.3.5a)

These were Top 5 Best Custom ROMs for Lenovo a850.