There’s no shortage of ways to customize Android devices. We’ve custom launchers that change the look and feel of device from all angles without requiring a lot of technical expertise. And we also have some advanced stuff for geeks and nerds in the form of custom ROMs, which not only change the look and feel but also tweak the functionality of OS. However, all of these options bring major changes to the overall experience of your device. What if you don’t want to do something so drastic and want to change just a few elements? For example, changing the appearance of your icons only.

It turns out that solutions exist to help you with that thing too. There’re many Icon Packs for Android are available in Play Store that you can download to customize the appearance of your device, and in this article we’ll take a look at top 5 best Icon Packs for Android:

#1. Moonshine:

Icon Packs for Android

Still waiting for the Lollipop update? Let it take its time, you can have at least its icons before it arrives. Moonshine is an icon pack that provides Lollipop styled icons to those who’re not running Lollipop. It features more than 1,000 Material Design icons and is compatible with a large range of custom launchers including Nova, ADW, Apex, Go, Holo and Aviate. Best of all, it’s free!

Download from Play Store

#2. Min:

Best Icon Packs

If you’re a fan of minimalism, you’ll love Min icon pack. Its 540+ icons leave the extras of color, dimensions and sizes out in the cold to create cleaner, simpler icons that involve no extra clutter. It has also got custom designed minimalist icons for many popular apps, and for others it just encloses them into small circles with white borders. It goes well with a simple wallpaper and supports four major launchers called Nova, Apex, Action, Smart and ADW. This one is also free!

Download from Play Store

#3. CandyCons:


If you need Lollipop like icons but with a little bit more color choices then you can try CandyCons icon pack. It comes with more than 1000 icons and also includes multi-colored options for many of them. Plus, it also comes with wallpapers specifically crafted to complement the appearance of icons. Last, but certainly not least, free icon pack has got support for 24+ launchers so it’s safe to assume that it’ll work with any of them.

Download from Play Store

#4. Morena:

morena icon packs

3D is old, now is the time of flat. And when it comes to flat, Morena icon pack is one of the best things that you can try. Its minimalist square shaped icons with rounded edges look classy in their own way. The collection of icons is large enough and so is the support for 3rd party launchers. However, unlike other options mentioned above this one is paid. It’ll cost you Rs. 90 INR.

Download from Play Store

#5. Lumos:


This is the icon pack for vintage lovers. Its icons are simple, minimalist with a vintage look and feel crafted out of a soft color palette. However, they’re not flat and include a shadow in the bottom to separate them from darker areas of wallpaper. But overall they look very pleasing to the eyes. And yes, this one is also a paid icon pack – it will cost you Rs. 132 INR. Support for all major launchers is also included.

Download from Play Store

So that was out list of five icon packs that’ll suit all your needs. From stock Android to flat to minimalist to vintage, we’ve covered all major trends of the market. Try them and do let us know what you think in the comments.