Cyanogen is community of Android ROM developers who make great custom roms, it is one of the fastest community which comes up with the custom rom as soon as a new Android version or a new feature comes into action. There are many people who also love using CM ROMs rather than the stock ROMs.

CyanogenMod 11 Themes For Android

Themes are made to make the device look attractive than the natural looks, this was one reason why Android Lollipop has absorbed the concept of material design, because these days people just don’t think of a high-end/or  large-sized smartphone, but they do want to use a Phone which looks attractive.

Best CyanogenMod 11 Themes For Android:

Here are so many great themes which are available for CM11 and Paranoid Android ROM, these themes can redefine the way your phone screen looks. Without wasting a minute more on talking about the themes let’s begin with the list of the best CyanogenMod Themes.

Android L:

Before the release of Android Lollipop, Google came up with a developer preview and named it as “Android L Developer Preview”. This theme gives the feeling of Android Lollipop installed in your Phone, though it doesn’t have a single thing Android Lollipop OS has in it. It is very stable, works smooth and appears fantastic.


Android Lollipop brought in the concept of material design and it has attracted a lot of users all around, Because the material design makes the screen of the phone look attractive, but not all phones have android lollipop roms, however, if you are using CM11, then you can install this Theme and feel like you are using a Phone with Android Lollipop. The theme is not yet fully developed completely, hence to use this theme with full effect it is recommended that you use the Icon Pack.

Veu – PA/CM11 by Arz Bhatia:

Arz Bhatia is the lead designer in the Paranoid Android team and he is also a great designer. He has been making many themes and Veu is one of them. You can choose from many color variations in the same theme package and it gives your phone a bit of a Lollipop look with the use of flat material design like UI.

It’s a paid theme and costs $3.22.


Cyanoid is another great theme which comes with Cool Neon Outlines, The Tech nerd vibe makes it more enchanting. It features the Late 90s animations and some cool awkward touch animations as well, If you are someone who is in love with the white/light colors then you are not going to like this theme at all but for all those who are in love with the dark colors would surely fall in love with the Interface flash, and Dark color lovers should give it a try!

Yellow Gold:

Yellow! Eh! Not all like yellow, but, this yellow isn’t the light yellow color, it is the color you see when the sun sets, If you are already in love with the yellow color then there is no thing you will hate about this theme, This theme is very simple and there is not much to talk about this theme.